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Turbo Blower

Rental Rates
Daily: $30.00Weekly: $95.00Four Week: $285.00Min Rent Term: DayMin Rent Amt: $30.00
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$30.00 /day
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Product Features
Variable speed control from 500 (min.) to 885 (max.) CFM.
Hour meter to track usage and maintenance intervals Design ensures even, broad-path airflow for fast, consistent drying across all surfaces.
Multiple operating positions. Dry floors, ceilings, walls and stairways quickly and efficiently.
Half the height of snail shell dryers – bring more drying power in each truck you bring to the job.
Great portability. Easily carry two units at once - or stack up to six on a hand truck.
Easiest to maintain. Simply remove fasteners and lift out impeller assembly for cleaning.
Low amp draw. Only 1.9 amps.

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